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Buriat village

This trip provides an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the local people of Olkhon, the buryats, to get to know their everyday life, folklore, crafts Malomorets village lays just 4 kilometers from Khuzhir, along the road to thefery. Here you will be hosted by one of the oldest familles on Olkhon. You can try traditional dishes and beverages. There is also an outdoor musrum where you can get to know the crafts, customs, and beliefs of the buryat people. You can watch traditional buryat wrestling or even try it out.After that there will be a Buryat round dance. You can walk back to Khuzhir along the beach. You can also vizit buryat village and try traditional buryt cuisine. You should book this tour in advance to give your hosts time to prepare delicious mutton dishes - meat bukhler and blood pudding. They also serve vegetables, salad, sauce and tea with honey and gam.

Buryat shaman
Buryat shaman

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