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Lake Baikal is also known as The Pearl of Siberia. We are proud to offer you a great opportunity to spend a few unforgettable days on a beach by the deepest and of no doubt the most beautiful fresh-water lake of the world.  Read more about lake Baikal »

Islands in Maloe More (Small Sea)
Islands in Maloe More (Small Sea)

Olkhon Island is the heart of Lake Baikal. The shape of this island resembles the shape of the lake itself. Being 44 miles long and about 8-10 miles wide, Olkhon embraces an amazing diversity of scenery, which includes hilly plains on the south, forests on the north and along the western shore, bold-looking marble cliffs, and even long sandy beaches. That diversity creates breathtaking landscapes, that’s why the island is so popular among tourists from all over the world.  Read more about Olkhon island »

Nabaimar Homestead is located on a picturesque piece of shore of Lake Baikal, on the western side of Olkhon in Khuzhir Village on a hill in 200 yards from Lake Baikal. A gorgeous several-mile-long sandy beach - Saraiskiy bay - can be found just within a two-minute walk range from the lodging (about 700 yards). You will surely be delighted by the bright sun and sparkling clean water, and enjoy the splendid water view of the part of Lake Baikal between Olkhon Island and the mainland, which is called “Maloe more” (the Small Sea).

The famous Burkhan Cape is also located nearby. This is one of the most mysterious and beautiful places of Lake Baikal, renowned for its high significance to the local shamanism. In just a couple of miles away from the resort you can find a lovely coniferous forest that covers most of the eastern part of Olkhon Island. You will love the refreshing odors of pure water, forest and herbs that fill the air around the resort.

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Russian Federation
Russian Federation

Hotel Nabaimar Homestead

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